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Best 7 Ways For Fasting Diet To Lose Weight

Best 7 Ways For Fasting Diet To Lose Weight

Fasting is not considered as a diet, but it is a timely approach to eating. If you are following a diet, there will be certain restrictions for a particular food. But in fasting, there won’t be any specification in what should eat and what shouldn’t. Following a fasting diet not only helps to lose weight, but there are also some other benefits.

Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting is considered to be a cycle between the period of fasting and the period of unrestricted eating. Intermittent fasting will help to change the body composition by reducing the amount of fat mass.

Other than weight loss, it also helps to prevent certain kind of disease that comes with blood pressure, and cholesterol. Intermittent fasting is considered a traditional level of fasting which is followed in ancient times to improve health and spiritual benefits.

Intermittent fasting involves regular fasting, short-term or periodic fasting, and no consumption of food. It doesn’t involve direct weight loss, but it will make you eat fewer calories which will result in weight loss.

Best 7 ways to do intermittent fasting:

When it comes to intermittent fasting, there are various ways, and people will prefer different styles of fasting diet to lose weight. So, here are some bets 7 ways to do intermittent fasting;

Fast for 12 hours a day


This fasting is very simple, and the person needs to follow 12-hour fasting every day. According to some research and studies, fasting for 10 to 16 hours will turn the stored fat into energy and releases the ketones in the bloodstream which results in weight loss.

If you are a beginner at fasting then you can prefer this method. Because, the person can able to consume same calories each day, and also much of fasting occurs during the sleep.

Fast for 16 hours

This type of fasting is called 16:8, where 16 hours will be spent on fasting and the remaining 8 hours will be spent on eating. The fasting time may change based on gender, where men can fast for 16 hours and women can fast for 8 hours.

In this fasting, people will consume the evening meal at 8 PM, and then they don’t eat till noon.

Fast for 2 days a week


In this fasting, people will be consuming healthy foods for 5 days a week, and they reduced the consumption of calories in the remaining 2 days. During the final 2 days, men will be consuming 600 calories, and women will be consuming 500 calories.

The fasting days are made such that there should be one non-fasting day between the fasting days. This fasting is known as a fast diet as it results in a heavyweight loss, and also it will reduce the insulin level.

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Alternate day fasting

The alternate-day fasting means complete avoidance of the solid foods on the fasting day, and they will consume only 500 calories per day. On the non-fasting day, they can eat whatever they want.

It is an extreme form of intermittent fasting, and this type of fasting will be difficult for beginners, and can’t continue for a longer time.

24-hours of fasting

This involves fasting completely throughout the day, and in a week you can follow this type of fasting for 1 or 2 days. If you are following this fasting plan, you may have tea, coffee, or other calorie-free drinks on the fasting day. This type of fasting will reduce the intake of calorie levels. Following the 24 hours, fasting may seem challenging, but you will get to adjust to the new pattern of eating.

Meal skipping


This will be the best for the people who are new to fasting as this involves skipping meals occasionally. You need to eat healthy foods at each meal, and based on your hunger level you can skip certain kinds of foods.

In this fasting, people will eat only when they are hungry, and at other times they will mostly skip the meal. It feels more natural when compared to the other fasting methods.

Warrior diet

A warrior diet is an extreme form of the intermittent diet, and this involves eating very little that includes raw fruits, vegetables, and then one large meal at night. Here, you will be in fasting for 20 hours and then eating for 4 hours. In these 4 hours, people should consume more proteins and healthy fats.

4 tips to follow during intermittent fasting:

  • The main tip to follow during intermittent fasting is to suppress your hunger level which can be achieved by eating high-fibre foods, drink a lot of water, and drink black tea or black coffee, or herbal teas
  • It would be better if you eat after the exercise, as the exercise will make you feel hungrier. Exercise according to your plan, and try to save some food after the exercise session
  • Even though breakfast is not the most important meal for weight loss, but skipping it will be the worst choice to make. There is a strong connection between eating breakfast and weight loss or skipping breakfast or weight gain
  • Drink a black coffee as it will improve the concentration level, and also it is free from calories

Bottom Line:

People who are eating one or two meals a day or people who are not eating for a longer time will have better compliances towards weight loss. Also, fasting is adaptable to your lifestyle, so you can schedule it at any time of the day. During fasting, a lot of meditation and mindfulness will make you feel better.

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